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Make time to Break for Your Brakes!

Happy May to you all; our team at Walt's Auto Repair wants to tackle the daunting issue of brake maintenance & common problems drivers can run into if they aren't taken care of properly. Your vehicle's intricate brake system relies on each individual connected brake part to function successfully & safely. If a loose bolt or parts have become worn down, it will affect the entire brake system. The driver can hear or feel the first indicator that something is wrong. We will dive into different sounds & what they could mean for you & your vehicle's brake system. 


Constant Squeaking 

This noise is prevalent in older vehicles due to worn and tired brake pads. When these pads have reached their last leg, they are thin they can rub against your rotors. This sound is a warning sign for you to get new brake pads before further damage is done. If you have a new vehicle & this is occurring, it can be due to overheating due to the pads not being broken in yet. To solve this, you can scuff the friction material can reduce the effects of overheating. 


Constant Clunking

Our trusted Walt's technicians will inspect the brake pad shims and mounting hardware if a rattle or clunk noise is present. This noise could be due to a loose bolt or something hitting somewhere where it shouldn't. 


Why is my undercarriage vibrating? 

It's an unsettling feeling when your car shakes and when you brake. If shaking only occurs when you're braking while driving, particularly on a vehicle with front or all-wheel disc brakes. We can often pinpoint vibrations to a couple of issues, first your disc brakes. There are different levels of thickness to your brake discs & as they get older, they reshape themselves into not-so-perfect circles - also known as excessive runout or being "out-of-round" this causes your car to vibrate when you brake. Another way to harm your brake discs is by overusing them & being overly aggressive. Causing overheating to your disc brakes - more than that particular brake disc can handle.



If the noise is due to a brake dragging, you should seek out Walt's experienced auto mechanics to diagnose the exact source of the issue. A dragging brake pad causes excessive heat and can warp the brake rotor. In extreme cases, excessive heat can damage the wheel bearing.


Red or Yellow Dash Light?

Most vehicle braking systems have a yellow or red warning light on the dash that tells us something is up. But what do these dash lights mean? Here is a gentle reminder - check your owner's manual for your specific vehicle for precise information. The one light to pay immediate attention to is the red "BRAKE" sign that may appear. It would be best if you took care of this immediately- The red brake light can mean a variety of high issues, low fluid, emergency brake being on, the system pressure being down, or another significant system issue. The yellow light still means something is wrong, but with less urgency. This lamp indicates that the Anti-Lock brakes have a fault. Troubleshooting the ABS requires an educated technician & you know who to call.


How to Extend Your Brakes Life

When it comes to keeping your brakes in the best condition, the most significant factor is you, the driver. With advanced modern brake technology, brakes last longer and longer on newer models. 


Obeying the Speed Limit

We all have places to go and things to do, but there's no harm in a reminder to obey the speed limit for your personal safety & your brakes will thank you. We cannot control the speed of traffic when other cars are braking. You save your brake parts from unnecessary additional wear by following the speed limit.


Keeping It Light

This is a simple one! The heavier your vehicle is, the more power and force are needed for your brakes to do their job correctly. By only having the essentials in your car, you give your brakes a break.


Keep Fluids Full

Brake fluid is an essential part of your braking system, and it keeps it all working smoothly together. Like any other fluid, it will need to be topped off or replaced after a while. The general rule of thumb is that brake fluid should be exchanged approximately every two to five years to remain effective - Be sure to check your owner's manual for manufacturer recommendations.


When you bring your vehicle to Walt's Auto Service for brake service, you are not only getting auto repair work on your brakes. You are also benefiting from the years of training and experience our auto repair professionals have garnered. We work on providing consistently excellent brake repair so that you can trust your vehicle to be the safest it can be on the road. Let us worry about your brakes so that you don't have to! Just book an appointment or give us a call.


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