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Spring Cleaning Your Car

Happy April to our Walt's Auto Service family!


For our April blog, we wanted to tackle the topic of a good spring clean for your vehicle! There is no time like April to prep your car for all the incredible adventures you plan to take, so it can help you enjoy the outdoors in the coming driving season! Our vehicles go through a difficult time during the colder months— salt, gravel, sand, dirt, and muck all conspire to leave cars filthy inside and out! We present our tips for spring cleaning for your vehicle! 

Windex Is Key

It's incredible how simple cleaning your car's windows can be. But it is often the most straightforward cleaning steps that can yield the most significant rewards and improve the safety of your vehicle. It's essential to clean the visual points into our car- the mirrors! From the side mirrors, rearview & our primary windshield, we turn to Windex for a fast yet effective answer. Windex spray and a wipe with some paper towel, and Voila! 


Take the time to clean out all of your compartments. In your rush to get inside and out of the cold during the winter, we often leave randomness in our consoles & forget about them! Get the compartments cleaned out and organized. Perhaps buy a small folder to keep important information in. 

Get Those Crevasses 

Don't underestimate the power that a small bristle paintbrush can have for your vehicle. It's the perfect size and sturdiness to get into those hard-to-reach places- your dash and console areas. Take the time to use the correct cleaner for each surface, especially if you have leather trim. 

New Wiper's

As one can imagine, in the fall/winter weather we are experiencing, dirt, leaves & other debris efficiently attach themselves to your blades & under the wipers themselves. When this grime is left for long periods, that grime begins to harm your windshield & your blade's lifetime. By running a clean cloth along with the edges & in the inner channels, you are doing such a simple step to keep them at maximum efficiency & give yourself better visibility. 

Clean Out the Trunk

Lord knows what's in our trunks, and we often don't want to know. But what we do know is during the colder months, we throw A LOT of random things back there. From ice scrapers and snow brushes to empty windshield washer fluid bottles and old blankets, there can be a ton of crap in the trunk of a car when the grass turns green. Best to clear all this stuff out. Your summertime self will thank you for getting all the space you need for picnic baskets, folding lawn chairs, and beach umbrellas. 

Wheels Make the World Go Round

Pay extra attention to your vehicle's wheels. Remove the hubcaps and give them a solid clean. Decent water pressure on a standard hose can remove layers of grime that your tires have endured. While cleaning your tires, it's an excellent time to check the tire pressure and tighten up any loose nuts.

The Gift of Clean

Are you stuck on a gift idea? How about a Car Detailing Gift Certificateto a nearby auto spa? This is a truly generous and thoughtful gift. There is nothing more satisfying than to climb into your ride and breathe deeply surrounded by a new car smell with gleaming leather and clean carpeting covering you. 

We hope you've gained some inspiration to deep clean your vehicle this April! Our team at Walt's Auto Service is always here for any of your automotive needs. Bring your car to Walt's when you need a steady hand and straight talk. Just book an appointment or give us a call. We are located at 340 Van Ness Ave Unit A, Torrance, CA 9050.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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