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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Make time to Break for Your Brakes!

Make time to Break for Your Brakes!

Happy May to you all; our team at Walt's Auto Repair wants to tackle the daunting issue of brake maintenance & common problems drivers can run into if they aren't taken care of properly. Your vehicle's intricate brake system relies on each individual connected brake part to function successfully & safely. If a loose bolt or parts have become worn down, it will affect the entire brake system. The driver can hear or feel the first indicator that something is wrong. We will dive into different sounds & what they could mean for you & your vehicle's brake system.    Constant Squeaking  This noise is prevalent in older vehicles due to worn and tired brake pads. When these pads have reached their last leg, they are thin they can rub against your rotors. This sound is a warning sign for you to get new brake pads before further damage is done. If you have a new vehicle & this is occurring, it can be due to overheating due to the pads not bei ... read more


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