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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Checking the Oil

Checking the Oil

Our cars have become so reliable these days that we simply forget to do simple maintenance such as checking the oil levels between services. Not to mention that it is much harder to find a place that can or will do a simple under hood check for you. The responsibility of checking the oil then falls to the car owner. To do so, it is first necessary to shut off the engine and open the hood. Finding the dipstick is a simple matter of locating a looped wire or plastic handle (often painted red or yellow) on the side of the engine. The dipstick should be removed, cleaned off with a cloth, and reinserted into the engine. After it is pulled out once more, the dipstick should be observed to note the oil level. If the level shows between the “add” and the “full” markings at the end of the stick it is fine. If the oil level is below the “add” mark sufficient oil should be added to reach the “full” line. Checking your oil every fourth tim ... read more


Auto Tips

First Found Walt’s on Auto Club’s Westways “Top 10” List

Thank you, Leslie, for your 5 Star Rating! Found Walt’s Auto Service when I was looking for a different auto repair shop for my 1990 Honda CRX SI, a long time ago. The independent Honda repair shop where I had been a customer for many years changed owners and it was time to move on. I’ve been a customer at Walt’s Auto Service for……..what must be going into a second decade by now. I first found them on a “Top 10” list in Auto Club’s Westways Magazine of auto repair shops in Southern California. Then I began to notice that they made the “Daily Breeze’s South Bay’s Best” awards list year after year. Hondas and Toyotas (and their associated makes) are what Walt’s primarily repairs, but they are certainly perfectly able to diagnose and repair other makes as well. I took my 1990 Honda CRX SI to Walt’s for many years until I gave it up in 2010, and now my 2010 Honda Accord is there for every oil change, s ... read more




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