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Checking the Oil

Our cars have become so reliable these days that we simply forget to do simple maintenance such as checking the oil levels between services. Not to mention that it is much harder to find a place that can or will do a simple under hood check for you. The responsibility of checking the oil then falls to the car owner.

To do so, it is first necessary to shut off the engine and open the hood. Finding the dipstick is a simple matter of locating a looped wire or plastic handle (often painted red or yellow) on the side of the engine. The dipstick should be removed, cleaned off with a cloth, and reinserted into the engine. After it is pulled out once more, the dipstick should be observed to note the oil level. If the level shows between the “add” and the “full” markings at the end of the stick it is fine. If the oil level is below the “add” mark sufficient oil should be added to reach the “full” line.

Oil Change

Checking your oil every fourth time you fill up is a good idea, because if you are losing oil, you don’t want to wait to get the problem fixed.

At locally owned and operated WALT’S AUTO SERVICE, INC , at 340 Van Ness Avenue, #C. We are happy to check your oil level between services, stop by and our trained technicians are happy to assist you.

Hint: Changing your engine’s oil every 3,750 to 5,000 miles (depending on your driving habits) is the single most important way to protect your engine.


Auto Tips
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