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Do You Have a New Driver? Preparing Yourself & Your Teen for Their First Car

Do You Have a New Driver? Preparing Yourself & Your Teen for Their First Car

    What a milestone it is in life to learn how to drive for the first time! Do you recall your parents taking me to a local church parking lot (large and empty) and getting behind the wheel for the first time? While it is a joy and a newfound sense of freedom to have a vehicle for the first time, it's also a huge responsibility. Once the driving test is passed (hopefully the first time), it seems all the teen wants and thinks about is "my first car." If you decide the timing is right to purchase a vehicle, it's your job to make sure you are a prepared parent and teacher and your new driver is feeling confident behind the wheel. At Walt's Auto Service, we wanted to put together a small guide to help ease this huge transition!    Double Checking Safety: If you purchase a used or brand new car for your new driver, ensure by bringing the vehicle into Walt’s Auto Service for a Pre-Purchase Inspection that, at the very least, the first car ... read more


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