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What is the difference between an oil change and an oil change service?


What is the difference between an oil change and an oil change service?


Offering a fast 20-minute oil change sounds excellent to the busy family; however, it is overall a disservice to both vehicle and customer alike.


Here at Walt’s Auto Service, we believe not including a vehicle inspection with an oil change is risky for our customers. Imagine leaving an auto repair shop after your oil change just to have your serpentine belt break. What customer would not prefer, even expect an auto repair shop to inspect their car while it is already in the shop than find themselves broken down after leaving the parking lot of our auto repair shop?


As expert auto mechanics and auto technicians in the South Bay area, including Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Hawthorne, Carson, and Gardena, we see the value of vehicle inspections at every service, no matter the age of your car. We provide oil services to your car for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Yes, vehicle inspections bundled with an oil change do take longer than 20 minutes. However, when you depart our shop, you have the peace of mind knowing that an expert ASE-Certified auto repair technician has inspected the systems of your car. This means you are informed of the condition of your vehicle and can make smart decisions about repairs and maintenance.

It is common knowledge that your car needs regular maintenance service to keep it running in top condition. However, it can get confusing to decide what option is best for you with so many options out there, ranging from grade of oil, viscosity, and even synthetics. 


Let’s dive into the differences between oil change services.

A conventional oil change service uses good old petroleum oil. Most vehicles still use conventional oil, especially in brand new cars during their break-in period out of the factory. Another plus to conventional petroleum oil is that it is usually less expensive. However, it needs replacing more often.


Synthetic oil has less friction, reduces wear on engine parts, and is not petroleum-based. These high-performance fluids resist viscosity breakdown better than petroleum-based oils. Some benefits of synthetic oils are

  • Flows easier in colder weather

  • Increases resistance to break down at high temperatures

  • It consumes less energy due to engine friction and saves fuel

  • Lasts as much as three times longer than conventional oil


Did you know that high mileage oil change services are often recommended if your vehicle has over 75,000 miles on the engine? This fluid formula is designed to slow the engine parts’ aging process and extend your vehicle’s performance life. It helps to condition engine seals, reduce leaks and deposits, and lower oil consumption in older vehicles.


The professional technicians at Walt’s Auto Service are here to help you choose the best oil change service for you. Our ASE-certified, highly trained specialists provide preventive maintenance that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and in optimum condition.


Please visit us at Walt’s Auto Service to get more information about the variety of automotive services we offer in the South Bay area. Also, be sure to check out our specials on and take advantage of our specials.


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