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Tips for maintaining your vehicle with less hassle


We all want to save money and kick off the new year right. At Walt's Auto service, we want to share 12 maintenance tips that will save you money in our January blog. Who knows, perhaps you will save enough to take your family on a mini vacation road trip this summer!


Spare Tire Check

We often take our tires for granted and just hop into our cars and drive from point A to point B. How often do you actually think of your tires? Now, when was the last time you thought about that spare tire in your trunk or mounted under your vehicle? Even less, right? Well, imagine finding yourself on the side of the road needing that tire, and it is flat. YIKES! Now you have to call a tow truck, spend a ½ day waiting around, and it might just cost hundreds of dollars on top of that. You might be thinking, hmmm, I better check my spare tire next time I hit the gas station, and yes, we encourage you to check all of your tires regularly, even though we hope to never need it; you never know. - One idea to keep on top of this is to set a reminder on your calendar.


Oil changes

Yep, you know it, clean oil is important to your car, and it will keep you on the road for longer without unnecessary trouble. Your engine oil performs many functions, filtration, cooling, and lubrication for all of those fast-moving metal parts that keep us motating. Don't take any risks; change your oil every 5,000 miles, or leave it to the experts at Walt's Auto Service to do it for you.


Battery terminals

Have you noticed that bluish or white powder caked all over your battery terminals before? That is corrosion and could cause your battery harm, such as eating away the plastic allowing for a crack in your battery casing to form. Yikes! Your battery most likely costs over $100 and upwards of $300, depending; plus, if you get stranded, there could be a towing fee tacked onto that. It is as simple as picking up a brush and scrubbing the terminals to clean them. It is also a good idea to have your battery tested twice per year, It can go bad and still start for you for quite some time.


Brake pads

Brake pads are designed to be replaced and are a wearable part. No one wants to get a brake job; however, if all you need is brake pads, the cost is much lower than you will need to replace other more expensive components of your braking system. Do you hear that squeak? Your car might be telling you something. Let the professionals at Walt's Auto Service check your brakes and give you the straight scoop.


Air filters

Filtered air means clean air, and who doesn't want that? Your car wants to breathe clean air too! Did you know that your AC system relies on your air filter? It is best to avoid these issues by replacing your air filters at recommended intervals, which are usually every 12,000 miles or 12 months. It will save you money in the long run.


Rotate those tires

How often do you think about heading into a shop to sit in a waiting room while your tires get rotated? Ugh. Well, it is well worth the wait, so please remember to add this to your list of to-dos and save money by extending the life of your tires. We recommend rotating your tires every 3-5,000 miles.


Suspension Check

Yep, we know, suspension covers a LOT of components, however, if you think about it, they all are important and it is vital to take the time and ask. Being proactive always costs less than being reactive, mainly because if one part goes south on you, you won't need to replace them all if you take care of it right away. It is a good idea to have a complete suspension check every 15-30,000 miles, no matter what.



Coolant gets dirty and can break down over time. Your heating system, air conditioning system, radiator, and water pump are all affected by the quality of your coolant, and if you have ever needed any of these parts replaced, then you know the cost involved. We keep reminding you of proactive inspections, and this is why. Coolant is one heck of a lot less money to change out than broken components in your car. Be sure to add this to your calendar and have your coolant checked twice per year.


Spark plugs

Sparky for the win! If your engine is causing a fuss, there is a good chance that your spark plugs are not doing their job properly. This is one of the most common things to go wrong, and usually an easy fix also. You always want to have your sparkplugs checked during your 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, and 120,000 mile services. It is a heck of a lot cheaper than an engine replacement!


Belts and hoses

Tighten those belts and hoses, your car will feel fit, and you will too! Worn-down belts can damage other components in your car, and if a hose breaks, you can find yourself on the side of the road feeling stuck, knowing it will cost you a pretty penny to get your vehicle back on the road again. Overheating is a big bad word in the automotive industry, so keep those belts in check by taking your car to the experts at Walt's Auto Service for regular maintenance.


Emission check


No matter where you live, by keeping your emissions in proper specs, your vehicle will run cleaner, be better for the environment, and you will save money at the pump. If you maintain your vehicle properly, chances are good that you will pass an emission inspection, however, if you end up failing, it is usually an indication that your car needs some work not only to pass inspection but to keep your car driving for a long time to come.


Maintenance budgeting

Although it is less money to maintain your vehicle in the long run, it can still be costly, so how do you stay on budget when these things arise? By adding a line item to your budget for your car maintenance. By setting money aside, you will be prepared for this type of work and focus on keeping your car in good shape with the team at Walt's Auto Service.

If you are wondering what is next with your car or truck, turn to the experts at Walt's Auto Service in Lake Forest, California, for all of your vehicle needs. No matter how large or small the job, knowing that your car family has your back will give you peace of mind while you are on the road. Schedule an appointment with us today!


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