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April is National Car Care Month!

Happy April, and we welcome you to Walt's Auto Service monthly blog. This month is National Car Care Month, and we care about you and your car. Your vehicle is a significant investment, and you want to keep it running in peak condition to keep you on the road for many years ahead. Spring is upon us. Bring your car down to Walt's Auto Service and prep your vehicle for those upcoming spring and summer road trips you have been dreaming about. When we think about National Car Care month, what do we think about? We think about enjoying our whip on our awesome road trip, taking basic maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, and random checkups under the hood for granted because your trusted auto repair technicians at Walt’s Auto Service are on your team. Why do we do these regular service checkups? Because our whip needs to roll, so we can cruise to the car shows.  

Maintaining your vehicle: 

Take a look at all the cars around you; they all need regular maintenance to ensure they don't let you down and leave you stranded. Often, cars are neglected, leading to costly repairs down the road that could have been avoided by performing regular maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle and keeping it in tip-top shape really does avoid costly repairs and potential tow truck calls. If you end up neglecting your vehicle for too long and become worried about the reliability. Or if you just purchased a car from an individual, hidden issues could be brought to light when you test drive the car. We recommend a pre-purchase inspection prior to making a private sale purchase of a used car or truck. 

Wiper Blade Maintenance:

Simple maintenance is necessary; speaking of it, when did you last replace your wiper blades? If it was over a year ago, you should look into replacing them soon because bad wiper blades can reduce your visibility and cause accidents by limiting your ability to see clearly. We recommend replacing your wiper blades every six months to ensure that you don't have any cracking, streaking, cut, or torn wiper blades which can reduce your ability to see out the windshield clearly. Wiper blades are not something we usually think about; we only use them sometimes, but when we do, we need them to work well. When you encounter some rain, and you turn your wiper blades on, and they start to smear, that is a sign that your wiper blades are wearing out - it is time to replace them.

Tire inspections:

Why should we check our tires regularly? At Walt’s Auto Service, we inspect your tires to ensure they are wearing correctly and aren't getting uneven wear which can cause a wobble or mess with your alignment. If your vehicle alignment is off, it can decrease fuel economy, cause unnecessary drag on your vehicle, and cause your tires to wear unevenly, meaning you need to replace those expensive tires. Walt’s Auto Service recommends checking your alignment yearly to increase your fuel economy and extend the life of your tires. Studies show that new tires increase the stopping power of your car because you have good tread, which grips the road better. Bald tires can add over one hundred feet to stopping distance compared to brand-new tires, which can mean the difference between stopping before impact or the alternative. 

Cooling System Inspection:

Why do we perform cooling system inspections? Well, your cooling system is crucial to keeping your engine cool and allowing you to drive around worry-free. A clean/ healthy cooling system is key to keeping your vehicle at peak performance and on the road for years to come. Your cooling system is critical to extending the lifespan of your car and should be inspected every year to ensure that you don't have a leak and that your cooling system is working as efficiently as it should be. One weak point of a vehicle's cooling system to have a professional eye look over is that the hoses become leaky or crack over time, causing cooling issues for your vehicle. 


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