The When and Why of Replacing Your Car’s Brake Fluid

Check-Brake-fluidVehicle owners should not wait until their brakes are serviced to replace brake fluid. This component of the car’s hydraulic brake system is too often neglected. Unless the brake fluid is drained and the hydraulic brake lines flushed according to the owner’s manual recommendation, brake fluid may become contaminated and deteriorate to the point where damage occurs. Brake fluid is exceptionally hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Once moisture contaminates the brake fluid, it begins to break down. This results in decreased ability to prevent corrosion, along with a reduction in its boiling point and lubricating properties. These, in turn, may cause the brakes to drag, or braking power may be lost during repeated quick stops or prolonged use.

Prevention is always the best strategy as brake fluid deterioration is unnoticeable.