Spotting Fluid Leaks

check your car for fluid leaks


dont drip and drive_leak colors

When was the first time you took a close look at your garage floor or the patch of driveway beneath your car in an effort to spot a fluid leak? This type of informal inspection should be conducted on almost a daily basis. Conscientious car owners who frequently spot check for leaks will more likely be rewarded with a minor repair bill, rather than the more costly complication of fluid loss.

A puddle of greenish-yellow or reddish fluid is indicative of loss of engine coolant. Motor oil is usually blackish-brown, while transmission fluid has a red tint. Brake fluid is clear, but its location near the wheels may help identify it. These fluids are all considered to be lubricants, the loss of which compromise a corresponding unit’s functioning efficiency and should be checked out right away.

If fluid spots are a common sight on your garage floor or driveway, start fresh with a clean piece of cardboard beneath the car as a background for spotting leaks.

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