Fuse Check

replace worn and damaged auto fuses

So you know when to check your car fuses?

Attending to a blown fuse is one of the few repairs that car owners can do themselves these days. First, it pays to know the location of the fuse boxes before the need arises. Not only will the owner’s manual give the boxes location, but it will likely provide a diagram detailing the function of each fuse as well as its amperage. In the event that an electrical feature fails to work, consult the diagram and identify the fuse that corresponds to the failed system or accessory. Be sure to have a flashlight on hand to cope with dim lighting. If the fuse in question appears broken or blackish, replace it with a fuse of the same amperage. Prepare for this eventuality by having plenty of spare fuses on hand. If the fuse proceeds to blow again it’s time to have the problem checked out.

Changing a fuse can take only moments and fixes the problem you have at once. Carry spares with you so you can do a quick repair yourself.

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HINT: If a spare fuse is not on hand to fix a blown fuse, “borrow” a fuse of the same amperage from a nonessential circuit, such as the radio.